Beginners in Kajukenbo

We offer classes that are specifically geared toward the needs of beginners. Before you participate in the group classes, you will first participate in a short introductory course. This course is designed to get you ready for the group lessons. You or your child will be learning the basic fundamentals of the Kajukenbo system consisting of blocks, strikes, kicks, stances and foot movements. This is also designed to help the black belt instructors place you or your child in the correct class. The introductory course is required for all new students.

Women in Kajukenbo

More women are learning martial arts today because martial arts can offer exercise, weight loss, muscle strengthening, and most importantly, self defense. Kajukenbo is ideal for women and has a wide variety of techniques that can be used in any given situation. Our self defense program teaches simple to very advanced techniques using the basic fundamentals you will learn when you first start. Techniques are taught to be used to defend yourself on the street, and perfection of your basic fundamentals will make it much easier when and if the real situation occurs.


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