Kajukenbo is a unique martial art style combining the techniques of KA-Karate, JU-Jujitsu/Judo, KEN-Kenpo, and BO-Boxing (Chinese Boxing/Kung Fu). From these words, the Kajukenbo motto is: "Martial Arts without philosophy is nothing more than street fighting."

Kajukenbo also means:

Ka - Long Life
Ju - Happiness
Ken - Fist
Bo - Style or Universe
Through this fist style, one gains happiness and long life in this universe.

Kajukenbo was founded in Hawaii in 1947 by Sijo Adriano D. Emperado, and is one of the most popular forms of martial arts practiced in the world today, because of its effectiveness and logical approach to self-defense. The fundamentals of Kajukenbo are concentration, patience, belief, honesty, perseverance, self control and courage. In addition to a healthy and alert mind, Kajukenbo builds a solid foundation for good physical health through its body conditioning and strengthening workout.

Because of its unique combination of martial art forms, Kajukenbo offers its students a powerful edge in self-defense techniques. Students are trained to use their whole bodies and their individual strengths, beginning with their first class. In time, students develop strong minds that don't give up in the face of adversity, and they react softly and calmly in any situation. Students also develop generorsity, tolerance, patience, and a courageous and unyielding spirit.


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