The Journey

The Instructors teach not for pay, but to guide others in the Martial way.
Those who wish to learn can stay, but those who don't should go away.
To succeed you must first want to learn; or else you'll never get your turn.
For that honor you'll have to wait, but on that day you'll appreciate
the sacrifices done for you. You'll have the belt, but it's not through.
Now it's time to pay your dues, but do not fear what you must do,
the knowledge of your teacher will be with you.

Chief Instructor

Doug Bunda
8th Degree Black Belt

Grand Master Doug Bunda began his martial arts career in the art of Kajukenbo and Karate/ Kung Fu with Master John Leoning in March of 1962. He was promoted to the rank of Niddan (1st Degree) black Belt under the Grand Master James Ibrao and Senior Grand Master Carlos Bunda in 1969. His lessons during the 60's were very traditional and regimental. He quickly learned through the hard training of Master John Leoning (his first instructor) not only the skills of Kajukenbo, but also discipline, focus, self-control, and self-defense. This training gave him more self confidence.

With his background of training in Kajukenbo and Kung Fu, Grand Master Doug Bunda believes teaching his students the traditional way he learned from his Masters who proved to be world class instructors and martial artists. He has proven that this approach is successful since it has developed many students who have competed in tournaments, and have become winners and eventually champions. His traditional beliefs and teachings have not only made his students better martial artists, but also better citizens.

Grand Master Doug Bunda believes success in the martial arts, which ultimately affects all areas of one's life, lies in an excellent attendance record, a good attitude, and the dedication to become a good martial artist.

Black Belt Instructors

Adolfo Dugquem

Mike Arconado

Mike Bunda

Enrique Ruelas

Simon Concepcion

Angelo Dugquem

Fred Amos

John Cashman

Ehsan Khan

Joe Gealon

Jose Resurecssion

Glena Campbell


Seminar Photos

Las Vegas

Las Vegas